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Hi, this is Chris!

A Clone

Welcome, my MODs webpage was last updated 02/11/2010

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MODs = Music Modules - a combination of samples and computer instructions that describe how to play the samples
Music modules stand half-way between MP3s and MIDI files and often combine the best of both.

New titles-------------------------------------------------------------------------
Originally 1 snare sample - now augmented with voices
Drip ver 2- built off of a sample of a water drop

Popular titles-------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dead Land- Gothic Dreamrock featuring Kristin
My Dusty Soul- electronic tribal ambient trance - dark and in a mood
The Spell- Gothic metal complete with spell
A Thousand Suns- neo-pop affirmation with eastern indian rythm
Who You Are- module release with vocals
Alien Air- Pop electronica
[dance]- A dance tune parody featuring Kristin
Oblivion- it's kinda like a Club Med!
Brain- Why I write the music I do! Thanks to Evan, Carol, and Kristin

It Is For You- Spacey Pop Vocals
Your Country- alternative module release with vocals
Of Leaf and Stream - Solo 12 string guitar
School - vocoders devoted to the process of high education
Time - lite alternative with vocals
Sunshine - Twisted Pop
Fly One- More Twisted Pop Strangeness

Guitar 090599 - a Black Sabbath inspired metal piece
Agent 77 - Somewhere between metal and rock
Traveller - Thick guitar textures
Xylite - Training for Traveller and Agent 77
Dulled - Scream along with Chris

Experimental and Soundscapes
Mad - Soundscape composition - spacey electronic non-dance
drone - Aleatoric composition for strings
A Mechanical Place - Electronic merging to soundscape
The Extinction of Waterbuffalo in New York City Tunnels- pure soundscape - named by Evan Harrington
Tunnel - Dark moody soundscape
Abstract - my first walk into abstract soundscapes with MODs
Abstract II - Another soundscape using the same sample set
Amateur- Wild and rythmic soundscape
Two Moons- soundscape
Human Error- soundscape with apologies to HAL

Wild Excesses of Sound With Shivers of Joy and Delicious Aural Pain
mp3 dot kom - masses of swirling sound with disembodied commentary
Dickens - My First Mod - really! Dates from 1993
The Bells - My First Released Mod - Dates from 1993
Crazy 1 - Just strange... Dates from 1993
Frentic - Enough drums and rythmic content for all. Dates from 1993
I'm Not Drunk - Features my son Ben when he was younger... Dates from 1993
4 Lights - One of my first Fast Tracker Mods - quite odd.
Liquor - inspired by Howard Stern - the bottles wind up in werid places... from 1993
Money - this has *nothing* to do with pink floyd... from 1993
The Sound of John Denver - (being strangled) from 1993
Foras Corpus - just strange - voice by Carol Rice
Tory - experiments that should not have been done... from 1993
Toes - with a little help from the ladies of alt.binaries.sounds.erotica

Piano 25- meandering variations on a theme
Piano 27- flowing solo piano
Piano 17 - piano movement
Piano 20 - piano movement
For Flute and Piano - prelude
Saraband - Prelude for piano, strings, flute, and oboe
String 2 revision h - Prelude for modern orchestra - in collaboration with Evan Harrington and Carol Rice
051998 - Prelude for various orchestral sounds new age-ish
Chiping - Freeform for electronic strings
Galliard to Lachrime by John Dowland ca. 1610 - classical guitar transcription
Missa Sancti Jacobi (communio) ca. 1428: by Guillaume Dufay (1400 - 1474)- This is a piece for three voices (probably 3 male voices) that has been realized using choir and strings. It is anexcellent representation of renaissance church music.
Innsbruck - transcription of a piece from about 1500
De Touz Les Biens - transcription of a piece from about 1350
Goose - Piano piece in 36 notes per octave tuning
22 - Classical guitar piece in 22 notes per octave tuning
India - "Classical" Eastern Indian, offensive to some of this ethnicity because it breaks a lot of the "rules" for this style of music.

Piano 27 Remix- Goran of Speed-Focus has a bit more electronic take on the piece.
A New Era Dawns- Mark Chapman did all the hard work, I just added the guitar - Thanks Mark!
Dance remix by AdeR - its even stranger than the original but you can actually dance to it!
Closer to the Sun- A remix (by me) of a remix (by egbert) of a remix (by Mark aka Axxman) of binary baby's Closer to the Sun - sorry guys! (Club/House sort of)
Mary Trick - An NMC project soundscape
Mary Trick Derivative- An NMC project soundscape using "traditional" instruments
Silky NMC - An NMC project soundscape - contains some unusual sounds
Another Clone