This work, words and music, is copyright Chris Vaisvil 1997-2002

Land of the Lost

Touching Me

ambient electronic advant garde
Some 660 megs of starting waves was generated in the production.
Of these 66 megs were sequenced and treated with various filters.
I am much indebted to Michele for her performance.

The piece relies upon (what I hope is) intense repetition and the
juxposition of these words with suggestive musical interpetation

Christopher Vaisvil & Michele Wilson

My Dusty Soul

electronic tribal ambient trance

The Spell

Forgive Me


Dead Land

"He came to me born upon the eastern wind"
"his face, a whisp of smoke, his hair, the deeping dusk"
"and he spoke in a voice I could not hear"
"release me child"
"release my spirit"
"from this dead land"
"and so I did...."

(thanks to Kristin for the voice)


A dance parody in jazzy dance style
Many thanks to Kristin for her performance

Here is a transcript of the voices
 (in these means quiet voice)
Kristin and I hope you enjoy this :-)

(give it to me, give it to me, give it to me)
Do you want to dance?
Yeah, let's dance
That's it
(yeah, that's it)
mmmm yes!come closer nowyes, that's it
look into my eyes
your eyes... I'm lost in them
(yeah, that's it)
can you feel it?
can you feel the magic?
yeah I can feel it
I'm gonna make you mine tonight
yes, look into my eyes
what are you doing to me?
mmmm yes!
(mmmm yes)
Kiss me
I am all you desire
Oh yes!
We shall become one
I am the one you seek
I see the fire in your eyes
Come closer now
Kiss me
We shall become one
All you desire
We shall become one
Closer now
Kiss me
We shall become one
I'm gonna make you mine
What are you doing to me?
(we shall become one)
What are you doing to me?
(we shall become one)

Forgive Me

Can't Stop Myself

Spectrographic Cornfields Recursively

industrial ambient electronic advant garde

standing in the cornfield you watch the corn grow and
the searing hot days pass on to night to day to night to day,
taller and taller, until you are one with all there is...
for you are one of them...
your roots dig soil,
your stalk stretches greedily for every ray of the murdering sun
in the anguish of a midsummer's thirst...

Painful and Chaotic


Thanks to Debbie for the voice over

A Thousand Suns Lights my Way As my feet Thread like Angels Through the Everlasting Day

Neo-Pop affirmation

Something positive


Chris Vaisvil