This work, words and music, is copyright Chris Vaisvil 1997-2000

Alien Air


Instrumental - abstract soundscape

Alien Air

Minimalistic Pop

Thanks to Kristin for the voice


What's life if you don't poke fun at yourself?
Thanks to Evan, Kristin, and Carol for voice overs


Artists!? I laugh at Artists!


A review from Alpha 64-- An appropriately titled piece, although I had "Dark
Dreary Alleyway" more in mind after a few listens. And the music paints that
picture well. The slow, dark mood and hollow, sad tones of most of the
instruments are reminiscent of the former industrial group Skinny Puppy.
Not a single pattern is repeated, adding to the overall creativity in this song.
If you like the dark brooding themes of industrial music, this one's for you!

Black Hole

If I were to choose a place to die it would be inside a Black Hole....

(thanks to Carol for the voice)


Oblivion is not such a bad place,
Its kinda like a Club Med!

(thanks to Kristin for the voice over)

Extinction of Waterbuffalo in NYC Tunnels

Pure soundscape

Agent 77

Progressive Rock


Progressive Rock with a little help from the ladies of alt.binaries.sounds.erotica

Two Moons


Thanks to Carol for the voice over


Chris Vaisvil